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DorK Wedding~12/17/2022

Daniel and Karyn are planning a December 17, 2022 wedding in Lubbock, TX. The wedding festivities will be held in Lubbock's Historic Depot District. 

The couple started their business in the depot 8 years ago by filming for venues and artists in combination to help catapult the depot and their business. They did this for free for 6 months until they started to get calls from businesses to help them and they began getting paid for their services.  Daniel and Karyn never forgot where their roots are and are now bringing them back to the depot for their wedding. 

The ceremony will be held at The Garden by special invitation due to seating restrictions for the dinner at Rewind.  However, the ceremony will be aired live on their website and other social media platforms to view.  The reception will be held at Rewind by private invitation starting at 7 pm.  It will then open to the public at 10 pm to everyone in Lubbock. An after-party will follow at Kongs Bar from midnight till 2 am for everyone, with VIP sections by invitation only.   The newlyweds will spend their wedding night at a downtown location as well. 

Live Wedding Coverage

December 17, 2022

Live coverage begins at 1:45 pm on   December 17, 2022.  

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